Full Spectrum Doula Services

“Birth doesn’t ask you to be fearless. It asks you to be brave.” - Britta Bushnell, PhD

Serving the North Vancouver & Vancouver area. Virtual services worldwide.

These are strange times to be navigating a pregnancy and getting ready to welcome your new little human.

You have many questions and (likely) not enough clarity. I SEE YOU!

There are no guarantees of what the world will look like on your baby’s birthday, or exactly how your little one will enter the world, but you CAN feel completely supported and seen, knowing that you have a loving, experienced guide by your side every step of the way.

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Doula care begins during pregnancy

The relationship and trust we build during the prenatal period is a key part of the safety you will feel during your labor and birth. Typically I see clients for at least three prenatal visits during which time I take time to get to know you (and your partner, if applicable), including anything in your history that may be likely to need extra TLC during pregnancy / labor / birth / postpartum, how you’re feeling about your prenatal care, what your hopes and fears are about the birth experience and transition to parenthood.

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Preparing for birth

We will talk about what to expect in each stage of labor, and in your place of birth (whether home, birth center, or hospital), practice coping techniques and comfort measures for labor, discuss common interventions and pain management options (natural as well as medical).

I can help you get to a place of clarity around your options, rights, and needs during labor, and help create a plan for how we (birthing person, partner, and doula) will collectively advocate for your preferences.

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Thriving in postpartum

We will also take time to help you prepare your home, relationship, and support team so you can look forward to a nourished postpartum period.

Whether it’s gathering supplies you’ll need to heal your body and care for your baby, pre-arranging at-home lactation support, organizing a meal train to ensure happy and full tummies during the early weeks, or strategizing how to maximize sleep for the whole family, with forethought and support it is possible to thrive during postpartum!

There is always space for whatever your priorities are for our time together, and I love to share resources and referrals for any other support you need.

Create your doula package:

Choose my standard birth doula package, or add additional postpartum support hours to provide the care and guidance you want in your transition to parenthood. No matter which combination of support you choose, your care will always be founded in:

  • inclusive and culturally responsive support advocacy, education and resources
  • emotional and physical support and guidance before, during, and after the birth of your baby.
  • non-judgmental support of your birth and parenting choices


This is ideal for parents looking for support and guidance throughout their pregnancy, labor, and birth. Virtual and in-person options available. See my COVID guidelines.

  • 3 prenatal visits 
  • 24/7 on-call labor support starting from 37 weeks
  • Unlimited support during your labor and until 1-2 hours after birth.
  • 1 postnatal visit
  • Unlimited email/phone check-ins from contract-signing through the end of your 4th trimester (12 weeks post-birth)


  • 20 hours of additional postpartum support during your fourth trimester
  • Support for your physical recovery and healing
  • Help with infant care, feeding skills, and family sleep strategies
  • Open ears to listen and help you process your birth experience
  • Errands, meal preparation, light housework & sibling support
  • Evidence based resources for learning the skills needed in your new family formation


Earthside Doula Package is offered at $1800 + GST. Payment plans and sliding scale options are available.

Birth support is offered in partnership with doula Suzi Livingstone of Voyage Birth.

Add 20 additional hours of postpartum support: $800+GST

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your COVID protocols?

The COVID pandemic has required much adaptation, flexibility, and vigilance from all of us. Changing policies mean doulas have been intermittently banned from, then re-admitted to hospitals.  I am in ongoing and open dialogue with my clients about how we can keep each other safe while working together.

Some parents are opting for 100% virtual support, others prefer safe in-person support. Some folks prefer in-person support when hospital policies aren’t currently permitting it, in which case I can support at home during early labor and your transition to hospital, then continue supporting virtually for the remainder of labor.

I am trained in Safety and Infection Control and Prevention (Childbirth International), and have completed several trainings (Doulas at a Distance and Your Birth Partners) on providing virtual doula support to clients for whom that is a preference or necessity.

I am diligent about masking, social distancing, and proper hand washing. Many of my in-person prenatal sessions are held outdoors (in a park or spacious backyard). I am always well stocked on at-home antigen tests, and test before joining clients for birth support. I always have a backup doula ready to step in if there’s any health issues or concerns. For a more in-depth copy of my COVID protocols, please contact me.

I am fully COVID vaccinated and double boosted.

When should I hire a doula?

It’s never too early or late to hire your doula. I love when pregnant folks reach out during their first trimester, as it gives us the maximum time to build our connection, and allows me to support you through the questions and challenges of each stage of pregnancy. On the other hand, I’ve had clients hire me days before their due date, who still felt deeply supported in their labor experience.

How many births do you support per month?

I book no more than 2 clients per month, in order to maintain my own health and family needs, as well as to ensure I’m well-rested and available when you need me.

When do you join me in labor?

We will be in touch when your labor starts, and I will prepare to join you as soon as you feel like you need my support. Sometimes birthing people want their doula right from the start of early labor, and others find that the quiet and intimacy of laboring at home with only their partner (or another close loved one) present feels right until labor intensifies toward the active labor stage.

For folks giving birth in a hospital or birthing center, sometimes we agree to meet at the place of birth, and other times it’s more helpful to have me join at home and help during the transition to hospital/birth center.

How do you work together with my partner?

The doula+partner combination is a wonderful one, in my opinion. Your bond and connection as partners becoming parents together is a sacred one, which I am honored to witness and support. The safety and comfort you feel together is key to allowing your body to soften, open, and give birth.

I am skilled at reading the needs in the birth room and can make suggestions to your partner on how to physically support you, what questions to consider asking your care providers, and what to expect as labor progresses. Labor can be a marathon for both parents, and having a doula in the room can make it possible for the partner to take a break (rest, eat, use the bathroom) knowing that their beloved is in trusted, supportive hands.

Do you work with a backup doula?

Even better! I am currently working in partnership with doula Suzi Livingstone. Together we offer consistent, sustainable, and comprehensive care to our clients. You will get to know us both well in prenatal appointments, so that you are in the hands of a loving and trusted doula when your birth time comes. 

Full Spectrum Support

Your reproductive journey is unique, and sometimes there are painful twists and turns. As a full spectrum doula, I provide compassionate, holistic care through in/fertility treatments, miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, and beyond.