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Pregnancy resources san francisco bay area
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Whether you’re entering the realm of pregnancy and parenting for the first or the fourth time, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the vast array of resources you’re encountering. Not all books (or websites, podcasts, classes, etc) are created equal, and I’m delighted to share with you some of my absolute favorites. I hope they help you in your journey!

A note about inclusivity:

I celebrate and support all birthing people, and know that not all identify as women/mothers. While I aim to provide resources that use gender-inclusive language, some of the resources on my list still use very traditional gendered and heteronormative language.

If this language doesn’t match your gender identity or family structure and that makes it hard to stomach, please ask me for a more finely curated list of recommendations to support you better.

Pregnancy resources san francisco bay area


Websites: Pregnancy / Birth

Evidence Based Birth
Database of evidence based articles on all things pregnancy and birth related.
Birth Monopoly
Resource for understanding your rights as a birthing person, as well as preventing birth trauma and obstetric violence
Spinning Babies
Pregnancy and labor methods for encouraging optimal fetal positioning and the smoothest possible physiological birth.
Miles Circuit
Three positions designed to help with optimal fetal positioning in labor

Websites: Lactation / Breastfeeding / Chestfeeding

Birthful:  “Informing Your Intuition”
Adriana Lozada’s Birthful podcast features fabulous interviews with perinatal professionals alternating with birth stories from new parents
The Birth Hour
A birth story podcast, hosted by Bryn Hunt-Palmer, also featuring a thorough resource guide on the website.
Homecoming Podcast
Homebirth stories from black birthing people, hosted by Chae Pounds and Isis Rose.

New Families bay area

Birth Equity & BIPOC resources

Resource Networks, Doulas & More

BIPOC in the Bay
Resource network of BIPOC birth professionals in the Bay Area
A San Francisco Community Doula program providing BIPOC birthing people with culturally compatible birth companions
Your Birth Partners
Grant program providing virtual doula support to BIPOC and other marginalized birthing people.
Roots of Labor Doula Collective
Bay Area BIPOC doula collective
Protecting Your Birth - A Guide for Black Mothers
Recent NY Times article

Postpartum Resources